Designer Caroline Jacob aims to minimise society’s waste production
by rethinking the use of material leftover from everyday activities.
By finding new applications for these ubiquitous materials she highlights
the potential and richness of what would otherwise be discarded.

Her current research investigates the ways in which value is assigned
to objects and appropriates processes towards a shift in popular preconceptions of waste. Rather than focusing on waste from large
industrial manufacturing sites, she engages with local and ordinary
“sites of production” for their accessibility
to a wider public.

A graduate of the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam, CJ is currently
based in London.


Selected exhibitions:


How to wash? workshop, Mediamatic, Amsterdam, NL.

Monday washday, Mediamatic, Amsterdam, NL

Wash you dirty laundry in public spaces, Sandberg degree show,

Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam, NL.

Residency at Mediamatic, Amsterdam, NL. 

(Ir) relevant matter, biotalk, Mediamatic, Amsterdam, NL.

Open matter, group show, Sandberg, Amsterdam, NL.


Send Something, group performance, Mediamatic, Amsterdam, NL.

Still wet, group show, Burgerweeshuis, Amsterdam, NL.

Material Anyways, group show, Het Veem, Amsterdam, NL.


Graduation show, EESAB, Rennes, FR.

Errance, Les champs Libres, Rennes, FR.

Worked at:

Studio Marlene Huissoud, assistant, London, UK.

Caventou, Marjan Van Aubel’ studio, intern, London, UK.
James Shaw’ studio, intern, London, UK.

Hotel Pasteur, Patrick Bouchain’ project, intern, Rennes, FR.
Maurer Architecture, intern, Rennes, FR.